Little Ninjas (3-6 years old)

This class is to help younger children build confidence, coordination, respect and listening skills with basic karate movement.

Kid’s Class (7-13 years old)

This class begins formal karate training in sparring (kumite), forms (kata) and basic movement.  Each of these aspects of karate are practiced in an environment that places an emphasis on control as well as personal development.  At each belt level, children are required to complete a task form: a series of respectful tasks to either be completed at home and/or in school.

Adult Class (13 years old and above)

This class is welcome to beginners and advanced students.  While this class also includes sparring, forms, self defense and basic movement there is more emphasis on all around fitness as well.

The ranks progression path is as following:
White (9 Kyu / 10 Kyu)
Yellow (8 Kyu)
Orange (7 Kyu)
Green (6 Kyu)
Blue (5 Kyu)
Purple (4 Kyu)
Brown (3 Kyu)
Brown (2 Kyu)
Brown (1 Kyu) *minimum 1 year in 1 Kyu before qualifying for the Shodan (1st degree BlackBelt) exam.
Black (Sho Dan+)
**minimum # of years before qualifying for the next exam  # rank. For example, minimum of 3 years is required for San Dan (3rd degree black belt) to be able to take the next exam.
In addition to the ranking examinations, there are certification examinations for 2 Dan (2nd degree black belts) and higher.